The City of Knowledge has 120 hectares (296.5 acres) that have been fitted out to provide a good working environment, appropriate service supply and sustainable future development.

General Services

The City of Knowledge Foundation wants to guarantee basic general and logistic services for our users and affiliates, as well as the people and organizations interacting with them. For that purpose, there are various businesses within our perimeter which add value to the offerings of the City of Knowledge. See which are available at the moment.


The City of Knowledge has residences for rent, intended for people who work or participate in programs operating in the City of Knowledge. Access to these residences is on a first come, first served basis.

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The City of Knowledge has facilities unlike any other in Panama for sports practice and leisure enjoyment. Kiwanis Sports Village is located at the heart of the City of Knowledge, and it has a walking/jogging circuit; baseball, softball, soccer and basketball fields; tennis courts, outdoor swimming pools, and a gym.

Kiwanis offers courses and workshops on various subjects and use of the fields is allowed after checking availability.

In addition, the Real Madrid School, a project which provides easier access to better soccer training for hundreds of Panamanian boys and girls, is located in the City of Knowledge.

These options, together with cultural activities programmed by some of the organizations present at the City of Knowledge and the simple enjoyment of the varied flora and fauna, make this a pleasant place, unique in Latin America: conveniently located in a modern, developed city, but with especially rich biodiversity and open areas.

Master Plan

The City of Knowledge is a living entity which, like the organizations in it, innovates and reinvents itself. This movement must be planned, avoiding development that is disorganized or affects such a unique space as this old military base. The urban and architectural logic of the City of Knowledge and its valuable natural environment are the country's heritage, and for that reason we have prepared a growth Master Plan specifying what we are going to do and how.

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