Board of Trustees / Board of Directors

The Board of Trustees of City of Knowledge is one of its cornerstones, both organizationally and philosophically. Headed by Juan David Morgan, it is made up of fundamental people from the academic, entrepreneurial, governmental and legislative arenas, who ensure quality contributions to the management and follow-up of the Foundation's goals.

Board of Trustees


Juan David Morgan

Alberto Alemán Zubieta

Elberto Cobos

Eloy Alfaro

Gabrielle B. Britton

Jorge Motta

Juan Bosco Bernal

Julio Escobar

Mercedes Eleta de Brenes

Modaldo Tuñón

Pituka Ortega de Heilbron

Roberto Roy

Stanley Heckadon-Moreno

Stanley Motta

Tatiana Fábrega de Varela

Temístocles Díaz Strunz

Official Appointment

Jorge González

Minister of the Presidency

Isabel Saint Malo de Alvarado

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Eyda Varela de Chinchilla

Minister of Economy and Finance

Ricardo Pinzón

Minister of Education

Jorge Motta

National Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation

Juan Miguel Ríos

Chairman of the Committee on Education, Culture and Sports of the National Assembly

Eduardo Flores Castro

President of the University of Panama

Aládar Rodríguez

Head of the Presidents Council

Héctor Montemayor

President of the Technological University of Panama

Juan Planells

President of the Santa María La Antigua University

Matthew Larsen

Director of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Board of Directors

Juan David Morgan


Juan Planells

Vice President

Eloy Alfaro


Matthew Larsen


Roberto Roy


Julio Escobar

Sub Treasurer

Jorge Motta


Juan David Morgan

Juan David Morgan

President of the Board of Trustees and Board of Directors

Founder of the prestigious Morgan & Morgan law firm, Juan David Morgan has presided the City of Knowledge Board of Trustees since 1998 and has been key to the development of this project. Morgan has held high government positions and is currently President of the Panama Interoceanic Canal Museum Foundation, a member of the Panama Bolivarian Society, a member of the Panama Book Chamber, and of the National Foreign Affairs Commission, among other things.

Additionally, Juan David Morgan has a long and renowned literary career both in Panama and abroad.

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