Vice Presidency for Innovation

The Panama Business Accelerator (AEP) becomes the Innovation Center, giving the City of Knowledge an experience of over 15 years in promoting entrepreneurship and expanding its vision towards fostering innovation through exchange, collaboration and creativity.

The Innovation Center aims to establish itself as a point of convergence of resources and initiatives for the development and promotion of startups that are innovative and with high potential for growth, both domestically and internationally. Among these resources, we can mention the Acceleration and Mentoring Programs, which will help strengthen the Panamanian entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Besides, it develops a female entrepreneurship development program called "Canal de Empresarias", which seeks to overcome barriers and create opportunities through the creation of new businesses while supporting the growth of existing businesses, and influencing corporate divisions to be more inclusive and responsive to female talent.

The Innovation Center provides companies, organizations and stakeholders, a knowledge based on the experience accumulated by our team, through training and consulting services.



Andrés León

Acceleration Manager

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Dayra Navarro

Innovation Center Operations Manager


Gabino Ayarza

Foresight Manager


Larú Linares

Female Entrepreneurship Manager


Adyelis Tagles

Female Entrepreneurship Specialist


Carla Donalicio

Events Logistics and Communications Specialist


Cristina Collazos

Specialist acceleration


Mario Fernández

Gestor de la Comunidad de Innovación


Nadja Carvajal

Procurement Specialist


Roberto Broce

Social Media Analyst


Desilú Henríquez



Maudelyne Martinez



As a platform designed to promote entrepreneurship, we have spaces that meet the needs of founders, along with their teams, and emerging companies.

We have coworking spaces and private offices starting from $ 25.00 per square meter.

As a member, you will be part of an exclusive community with access to special events, reception services, fiber optic Internet, meeting spaces and additional benefits. In addition, as part of our community, you will have access to the sports village, exposure to international organizations, and opportunities for professional development through training, among others.

Our entrepreneurial ecosystem supports and enhances the work of our members in a friendly environment, where innovation and creativity are key components in producing and creating new initiatives that create an impact on society.

For more information please contact  or fill out the form at:


The City of Knowledge Innovation Center makes available to companies, organizations and stakeholders, a knowledge base and experience accumulated through training in the form of workshops, courses, activities and specialized consulting.

We provide our partners the opportunity to extend their expertise in various areas through spaces that allow the interaction between participants, in an environment of convergence, collective thinking and synergy.

Our facilities include videoconference-equipped classrooms, normal classrooms, wireless Internet, dining room (catering available) and adaptable furniture for all types of events.

For more information, contact us at

Canal de Empresarias project

Seeks to overcome barriers and create opportunities through the creation of new businesses, while supporting the growth of existing businesses, and influencing corporate divisions to be more inclusive and responsive to female talent.

El Programa de Inversión para Startups

¿Tienes un startup y estás convencido que va a cambiar la forma de hacer las cosas? ¿Estás obsesionado y comprometido con impulsarlo? ¿Estás buscando un inversor estratégico que ponga fuego en tu crecimiento?

  • Hemos creado recursos que puedes aprovechar durante tu ejecución
  • Mentores dispuestos a aconsejarte de forma voluntaria
  • Servicios especiales por empresas aliadas en aspectos estratégicos de tu startup
  • Espacio de oficina y acceso a una comunidad de personas como tú que retarán tus ideas
  • Oportunidades de visibilidad ante contactos locales e internacionales y eventos de todo tipo
  • Acceso a oportunidades de inversión de capital semilla de hasta $25,000.00
  • La credibilidad que necesitas con el respaldo de una entidad de reconocimiento internacional como la Fundación Ciudad del Saber
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