Vice Presidency for Research and Education

The Vice Presidency for Research and Education provides general science and technology foresight services for the priority thematic areas of the City of Knowledge. In addition, it constantly researches our affiliate entities’ needs as well as the available training opportunities in order to balance offer and demand.

This division assists in promoting the City of Knowledge as a platform for the development of research and learning activities, and in identifying potential new allies among entities with training programs and research centers, thereby facilitating their involvement in the Foundation’s project.

Research and Education fosters relationships based on projects and joint activities among the academic and scientific institutions. It also supports the actions necessary for the transfer of their research results to the productive sector.

It leads the process for the establishment and consolidation of knowledge communities among the affiliated institutions and organizations in the City of Knowledge Foundation’s local and international network of allies. The process focuses on the following priority areas: Bioscience, environmental management, global services, entrepreneurship, cultural affairs, human development, information technology, and communication. Research and Education provides these entities with the necessary support services for knowledge management.



Guillermo Castro

Vice President for Research and Education

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Gabino Ayarza

Project Manager


Isabel Donato

Learning Manager


Sandy Mosquera

Research Manager


Desilú Henríquez

Research and Learning Assistant