Vice Presidency for Communications

The Vice Presidency for Communications is responsible for the public outreach program at the City of Knowledge Foundation. It promotes projects and activities for the dissemination of knowledge, organizes community affairs and the cultural agenda, and coordinates corporate communications.

This division organizes and runs the Forum Program, which gives life to the idea of the City of Knowledge as a Socratic forum: a place for meetings, dialogue, and reflection that promotes and facilitates the process of knowledge management.

It is in charge of corporate communications, including all the activities related to external communications, media relations, visitor hospitality services, and the organization of institutional events.

Communications is also responsible for coordinating the foundation’s cultural affairs strategy, and for creating a program of activities in partnership with the most prestigious organizations in the cultural field. It develops activities to promote the site’s historic heritage, as well as to raise awareness regarding its value and meaning.



Mariana Núñez

Vice President for Communications

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Walo Araújo

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Davinia Uriel

Culture and Community Manager


Esther Pang

Communications Manager


Aitor Iriberri

Creador de Contenido Audiovisual


Leonel Bernal

Graphic Designer


Liliana Wong

Social Media Analyst


Manuel Rivera

Interpretative Center Manager


Martín Tarté

Digital Content Creator


Estefani Esturaín

Administrative Assistant

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