Executive Presidency and Vice Precidency

The Executive Presidency represents the institution both locally and internationally, and is responsible for public relations and strategic interagency partnerships at the highest level.

It is in charge of supervising that the City of Knowledge Foundation’s mission is achieved, and presents reports regarding progress in the implementation of its strategic plans and its operational results to the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees.

The Executive Vice Presidency is responsible for supervising the team of vice presidents and directors, as well as the management of operations for the City of Knowledge Foundation, establishing policies for the organization’s administrative and operating procedures.

It monitors the progress and implementation of the institution’s strategic plans and guarantees that the changes needed to keep the organization in line with them are carried out, thereby promoting the fulfillment of its goals and planned objectives.

Directorate of Legal Affairs

The Directorate of Legal Affairs advises the Foundation regarding the commitments and legal implications that affect its operations. It draws up and reviews all of the Foundation’s contracts and agreements, and safeguards that all its activities are carried out within the framework of national and international laws.

Directorate of Public Relations

The Public Relations Director is responsible for planning and implementing the City of Knowledge Foundation’s strategy for inter-institutional public relations with governmental and private entities, both national and international. In addition, this division collaborates with the Executive Presidency and Vice Presidency in organizing and hosting important visits to the campus, and on these occasions, is in charge of all matters related to both protocol and follow-up. This division assists in organizing the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees.



Jorge Arosemena

Executive President

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Irene Perurena

Executive Vice President

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Guillermo Castro

Executive Advisor

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Raúl Adames

Legal Affairs Director

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Vilma Falconett

Director of Public Relations

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Dora Coronado



Julissa Guevara

Legal Affairs Manager


Liriola Pitti

Project Manager


Lúa Delgado Conde



Darcy Bodden

Executive Assistant


María Pinedo



Nelly Angulo

Legal Council Asistant

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