Vice Presidency for Organizational Systems

The Vice Presidency for Organizational Systems is in charge of the coordination of human resources, work processes, and the use of technology in the City of Knowledge, in keeping with the Foundation’s organizational model and strategic goals.

In addition, it is responsible for the follow-up for the implementation of an organizational network model, which allows the Foundation to better operationalize the principles of knowledge management and innovation. It also promotes continuous integration, collaboration, and learning, as well as the incorporation of that learning into the corporate culture.

This division manages the systems that record and measure the indicators for assessing our progress in the fulfillment of the Foundation’s strategic objectives.

Organizational Systems provides, manages, and maintains the technological infrastructure of the Foundation and the campus in order to provide users and contributors with the tools necessary for the optimal performance of their duties. It designs, manages, and implements the Foundation’s information system.



Carlos Reyes

Information System Manager


Carlos Rodríguez

Organizational Development Manager


Eysel Chong

Knowledge Management


Inés Coba

Organizational Development Specialist


Jaime Rangel

Web Developer


Lacey Agredo

Organizational Development Analyst


Massiel Ábrego

Process Analyst


Sahid Rivas

Organizational Development Specialist


Valeria Mendoza

Especialista del Sistema de Información

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