Welcome to Panama. Panama is in the Tropic, which can be good and bad. Or... well, just different. We do not have four seasons, but only two. It never rains... it pours! It does not rain everywhere at the same time, either. The temperature sets the pace, and humidity is a constant enemy which, on its positive side, gives the skin a smooth, healthy look.

We suggest that you leave any preconceptions aside and enjoy a unique country -like any other, but a little more- with kind people and exuberant nature. With this quick guide, we will try to give you some key points for you to adjust more easily.

  • Overview

    Panama is an isthmus covering 77,052 km² (29,750 square miles). This is where the Central American mountain range (the Central Range) ends and gives way to the first few hills ...

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  • Population

    The Statistics and Census Bureau estimates the Panamanian population to be 3,283,959 people: 1,656,469 men and 1,627,490 women. The average age of the population was estimated in ...

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  • Glossary

    Many preconceptions about Panama vanish when you get to talk to its people. Read the glossary and learn how we say it here.

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  • Health

    In terms of health care, coming to stay in Panama should not pose any risks to your health, except the ones you can face anywhere else in the world unless you take the basic ...

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  • Tourism

    In Panama you will find plenty of surprises around each corner and when you least expect it. Here are some classical tours in Panama city for you:

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  • Transportation

    To find out about intercity transportation to and from the capital city, as well as about routes to the whole country and Central America, there is one place to go: the Great ...

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  • Quick guide

    This guide shows some of the shops and services in the areas adjacent to the City of Knowledge, we hope you find it useful.

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